too much honesty

i dont recall ever saying
that i wanted to kiss you
but i'm sure that i'd enjoy it
if thats what i got to do

i have to fight the urge to hold you
when i see you feeling sad
i'm afraid you'll say no touchie
you might even get mad

sometimes my thougths do waunder
when i see you eat ice cream
the scene will reappear to me
in a most pleasant dream

it breaks my heart alittle
when your lovers do you wrong
but i know its your decision
so i shrug and play along

it hurts me quite a bit
when i see you drink so much
your pain must be quite a burden
for you to need such a crutch

i hurt when you asked me
if i'd touch you in your sleep
i'm really not that hard up
and plus i'm not a creep

i'm glad it boosts your ego
when i tell you how i feel
glad to make you feel good
even tho it isn't real

if you ever need someone to hold you
you're always welcome in my bed
or if you need someone to talk to
i'm glad to listen instead

straight from the pan in candlelight
we shared some mac n cheeze
that night you shared in my bed with me
can i hold you pretty please?

i love you and i'm here for you
for whatever you may need
i'm just happy to follow
whereever this may lead

i just wanted you to understand
but sometimes i think that we
just might have overdone it
with a little too much honesty

i know that you don't want to
my bringing this up again is wrong
so now i'll try to get my feelings
back to where they belong

It of course passed, like gas. I'm still good friends with the victum tho. I've also written a weird little essay/story type dealie about her and other stuff. Its called stoned at the beach.