tommy's song

if i could go back to stop it all
the day of our and my first kiss
i wouldnít take it back for anything
knowing it'd turn out just like this

you taught me so much
and i will never forget
the kind of crazy love
i felt when we first met

when you whispered that you loved me
i saw fireworks in my eyes
in retrospect i wonder
if it was just one of your lies

i'll never settle for less again
than what i thought i had with you
in time i'm sure that karma
will teach you some things too

i was never happier than in your arms
as our love blossomed and grew
but the lies used to keep me there
led me to loose respect for you

i never meant to be abusive
tho my conscience remains clean
you didn't listen to me asking nice
so in frustration i asked mean

i said be a man and tell the truth
in many ways through many tries
so i told you to grow some testicles
as you were vomiting your lies

when i started feeling that way
i really should of made you go
but i loved you and i hoped
that you would learn and grow

the warmth of your love
sweated out your half baked lies
enough to rub stoned tummies
but never look you in the eyes

i thought that in good time
i could somehow find a cure
but you never stopped lying
so i realized what you were

i wondered why such a smart boy
would shit out such half baked lies
too lazy to think it thru fist
to prevent your own demise?

skinning your knees so much
i wondered why you never grew
when stoned it did occur to me
that you lie to yourself too

so quickly your arms go up
and you say you're powerless
but every day you're making choices
that keep you just like this

the path of least resistance
is the only one you see
no scruples cramp your sloth
its not whatís right but whatís easy

if only you werenít so lazy
you would focus your minds eye
each new fumble holds a lesson
you can find it if you try

its not that you are dumb
its just that you don't care
you don't see the flow of karma
you just think life isnít fair

your lies will always find a way
of caching up to you
after they've had time to simmer
into harm you can't undo

it takes courage and conviction
to make up your own mind
if you just let things happen
almost surely you will find

that the path of least resistance
is a surrender to gravity
you will feel nothing but helpless
while claiming that yer free

if cant control your temper
the world can help that too
it will send you someone
to beat the shit out of you

i hope your life is hard enough
to teach you from the pain
and god washes out your cuts
with a cleansing dose of rain

before i let you pack
i made you sit and watch me cry
i thought i'd try to fix it
i'm still not quite sure why

you were the first to see me cry
in well over a decade
you couldnít wait to pack
and leave the mess you made

i knew you were way too proud
to admit you did me wrong
armed with synonyms for lying
like humor and play along

this isn't about you not working
tho my believing that was dumb
there are virtues to set apart
a hobo from a simple bum

even if you find your self inside
by hard work or more likely a ploy
each day you choose to be a man
or stay a pathetic little boy

i know you're feeling flighty
but no matter where you go
these same patterns will follow you
unless you learn and grow

no matter what you do
there will be some give and take
its wise to weigh these carefully
in each choice that you make

i cant bring myself to spite you
i'm praying that you'll learn
and think about what caused it
next time you crash and burn

to stay warm you have to play with fire
and to grow you must get burned
lifeís lessons will repeat themselves
until you're humbled and you've learned