the deadly ballet

i cannot understand
any possible appeal
of how we all must beg
hoping we won't have to steal

you crave the drama
and the big girl drugs we do
but you'll be running back to momma
before a week is through

through the bloodshot gaze
you didn't look us in the eyes
you're about to understand
why we all carry knives

you are told to wash the dishes
you feel so hurt and used
you come running to us
you say you've been abused

for a week or so
it all seems like such fun
but someday you'll come down
and realize what you've done

the food down at the mission
doesn't taste right to you
its cold under the bridge
and a little scary too

you bitch, you whine
you make a fuss
as if your every comfort
ever mattered to us

suddenly, epiphany
out here you are on your own
you forget all about us
and call daddy on the phone

after a home cooked meal
you sit in your warm bed
and remember the appeal
of the path you almost chose instead

most of us don't spite you
we just hope that you've learned
that our lifestyle is a fire
and yer damn lucky you weren't burned

with this wize old cliche
i hope to clear up any confusion
don't sit in front at the ballet
when you get too close, it spoils the illusion