the day i sold my soul

i hate to disappoint you
but i have no soul to save
there's nothing you could say or do
i chose myself this grave

i sold my soul a while ago
for the keys to this damn cage
at the time i didn't know
there's no easy end to rage

an angel visited me in my sleep
and told me i'd feel whole
a promise he is yet to keep
but i can't buy back my soul

i had no blood to spare
so i signed my name in tears
he told me he'd been watching me
for most of my short years

i'd be capable of anything
with tears of rage like rain
oh what evil i could bring
with my heart set on disdain

i woke up the next day
and i took myself some fry
it killed it all away
as long as i was high

i came down like a feather
falling back into the real
all seemed to be fair weather
and again i thought i could feel

i could feel nothing but stoned
and kill the pain and rage away
to myself left uncondoned
let alone what the rumors would say

after breaking free from one cage
i just crawled into another
inward turned the burning rage
that acid could not smother

pandora's box was shown to me
through my mother's tragic life
i never dreamed that i could be
just like dad and his first wife

kill away the guilt of using
with one more last laced hit
give up and settle with loosing
and dive back into using it

it's been quite a while now
since i fried or smoked some pot
its not that i know how or why
i just know that i'm not

i crave it all the time
the sweet intoxicating confusing
with no reason to make rhyme
in a peaceful state of allusion

trembling hands are praying
for something to smoke or do
the only price left to be paying
just who am i praying to?