really stupid poem in progress 10/20/03

yes, this is a very stupid poem in progress. just jotted it down a few days ago. this is what my poems look like when they first start brewing in my head. within a few weeks i'll rehaul the whole thing and it wont suck as much anymore, but felt like uploading some new content today.

you have been warned.

stay up all night dreaming
too excited to sleep
tired eyes look peaceful
strong currents run deep

there's a battle raging inside
sleep dep versus cafeene
keeping dreams afloat in seas of blood
while somehow keeping my hands clean

the corporate monster shadows me
but in time i'll rize above
i will make,find or forge a way
with patience faith and love

i find myself wishing
the candle had more ends
so I could light the way
for both my dreams and all myfrinds

even after all of this
at the end of the day
i'm proud to be what I am
wouldnt' have it any other way