stark street

stale blood rushes through clogged veins
rusty needles make it red
pushed through me by tired disdains
all but the rage inside is dead

the rage inside runs ever pure
as endorphins and adrenaline
suicidal tendencies suggest their own cure
tried it once, just might try it again

outside in the bitter cold
sharing body heat with others who shake
loosing my innocence and growing old
with the other kindreds god forsake

i cannot fight my demise
i am already far to weak
i've lost sight of the prize
i'd vowed always to seek

i'm too cold to think
i'm too drunk to recall
if i'm balancing the brink
or already took the fall

i'm too high to remember
if i've always been like this
left only with an ember
of once glowing innocence

frying way to hard
to remember wrong from right
pick pockets, stolen credit card
means i might sleep inside tonight

too sober to forget
that this is all my fault
no repentance, no regret
just bring the wound to salt

like vultures trolls surround
of course they'll be warm tonight
i hope whoever they found
will rejoin us by first light

raina sits alone
in a friends trembling embrace
her silence will condone
she's part of this disgrace