rinse repeat

you fly into a blind rage
at the sight of your own blood
eyes of a beast trapped in a cage
you fall exausted in the mud

you dont wanna think about it
cant look to lean the wound
anger makes a snug little fit
like a nice little cocoon

you clutch your wounds in silence
holding your thoughts and body still
burning the bridges, building a fence
believe in fate and not free will

blaming your fumbles on the weather
never a lesson or a guide
your flesh fuses back together
with the shrapnel still inside

too angry about the cut
to look before you walk
its gods fault, its not fair
all those sharp edges on the rock

last time you were angry
you threw a rock against the ground
it shattered but you'll never see
its just your karma comin' round

with this shrapnel in your feet
it must hurt for you to walk
and everyone you meet
can hear it when you talk

when the cancer meets the bone
you'll have a choice to make
of dying scared and alone
just for your prides sake

or digging out all that old hate
that fester deep inside of you
the longer that you wait
the more damage it can do

your gonna scream and moan
growing can hurt like hell
its your fault you're alone
because ever since you fell

you started hating your friends
for not caring enough about you
when your crises never ends
they didn't know what to do

i tried to love away this sickness
that festers deep inside of you
gulping cancers with each kiss
i didn't know what else to do

your cancer in my spirit
with your help it grew
i had to leave when it
came down to me or you

you say my lifes a charm
the stones at my feet are round
i do my best to do no harm
walking softly on the ground

your lifes a vicious cycle
as you struggle to your feet
feel the burn but never learn
its the ritual, rinse repeat