one little girl's prayer

she closes blackened eyes
not wanting to see again
they all think that she lies
when she tells of daddy's sin

she found daddy's gun
the one he holds to her head
when he tells her he's the only one
who can lie with her in bed

when the pistol strokes her lips
it makes an odd 1st kiss
inward the muzzle slips
where there was never innocence

shes never been to church
but decides to say a prayer
tho for her humble search
shes sees not why he'd care

she lays down the gun
on a splintered wooden table
quickly she begun
to pray as best shes able

she addresses god as sir
and humbly thanks him for her life
and for always protecting her
when daddy grabs a knife

she begs forgiveness of daddy's sin
and for her own sin too
she's never heard the world "amen"
so she closes with thank you

the gun cries out
that shes dead she's sure
in her mind she'd never doubt
that god would murder her

she thinks that she's in hell
slowly she opens up her eyes
the window took the shell
and it let in butterflies

the flutter all around ehr
tickling out stretched hands
she feels calm and newly pure
as god works on his plans

the neighbors heard the gun
and quickly called the law
to tell the folks at 911
the strangest things they saw

a little girl sat right inside
laughing and having fun
she made no attempt to hide
the still smoking gun

the police took her away
and her daddy lost all hope
he showers every day
with very slippery soap

shes glad that she's not dead
she likes foster care
says so every night in bed
when she says her nightly prayer

angels watch over her
and lull the child to sleep
she feels calm and she feels pure
no longer living with that creep

sometimes she has nightmares
but she knows that its all right
she always knows that someone cares
when she sees butterflies of light