my prayer

i wake up shaking in the night
and decide to say a prayer
though for my simple plight
i see not why he'd care

i say lord i am thankful
that i am able to walk
of the pain deep in my bones
i am careful not to talk

as a child i always had food
it was forever on the table
i don't mention the bruises
how it all was so unstable

i thank you lord
for my healthy sight
i don't whisper of the memories
that haunt me day and night

lord i am thankful
that i can clearly hear
i don't blame him for the shouted words
that taught me to know fear

i confess my darkest sin
and the evil i still plot
i thank you lord again
for whatever i forgot

i sit in quiet thought
as i kneel a little longer
i think there's something here
i think its making me stronger

i say lord i am thankful
that i can feel
joy never-ending
as i start to heal