there is a certain purity
to those baptized by fire
who still choose to fight fair
for all that they desire

they rose from the ashes
surprisingly white
and lit a candle in the ruins
for others in the night

they don't see a reason to hide
how badly they were burned
they're proud that they survived
and sharing what they've learned

never hide that you
were burned by the fire
your scars will tell a story
its something to admire

always look people
dead in the eyes
this alone will have
the strength to equalize

avoid begrudging those
who so needlessly hurt you
try always to remember
that someone hurt them too

if you can brave the flame
just a little longer
you'll never be the same
you'll be wiser, you'll be stronger

and tho the fire burns you
your cries will carry through the night
the greatest virtue kindred brings
is seeing your true self