p       o       e       t       r       y

i've written alot of poems in my life, most of which were lost in the shuffle. heres most of the ones that i still have copies of, save two that i think are kinda dumb. someday i just might upload little boys and addict mom. anywhoo, i have devided the poems into four catagories.

relationships includes some love poems i've written, poems of friendship and encouragement, and poems i've written for my mother.

spiritual covers my wierd views of a higher power and meaning in life.

depression are just poems i've written about how sad i am. waaa. me so sad, somebody kill me, please.

street life is just whining mostly.

misc is a neat little pile of the crap that just doesn't anywhere else.


CheeseOrama is a lighthearted poem with a descriptive name.

too much honesty was for a roommate who i had a crush on.

for a dear friend was for a friend who ended up killing herself.

for mom is a short poem for my mom written when she tried o get me committed.

divorcing mom covers my entire relationship with my mother from when i met her at 16 to present.

untitled is short, simple, and semicoherant.

tommy's song is a long rambling story about falling in and out of love.

rinse repeat is about someone i know struggling with ocd.

too fast is about a relationship progressing too quickly. i think its kinda dumb but i figured i'd post it anyway.


the day i sold my soul describes how i felt when i started getting high.

one little girl's prayer is about a child who tries to kill herself to escape childhood rape.

my prayer is a whiney little ditty about being thankful for what you have.

half-baked thoughts of god covers my questions about god and life.


one teen described the teenaged me very well.

rage is my cage is the most structured poem i ever wrote, with alternating rhyming and the title spelled out in the stanzas.

if there be shadows was my first widely shared poem.

somewhere is about the almost cheezy kind of hope you have when you are in your early teens.

street life

stark street is mostly reflection about lost innocence and street life.

to whom it may concern is a whiney poem about being a homeless teenager.

the deadly ballet muses about middle class teens who feel drawn to street life.


really stupid poem in progress 10/20/03 is a brand spanking new pile of shit. tells the world alittle what its like to work full time, run a sucessful buisness, keep a social life, and maintain one of the worlds most unpopular websites.

kindred is kind of dumb but here it is.

pieces of me is about my dissociative tendencies.

straight phase is a quick ditty for homophobic minded foster parents.

lockup is based on a good idea, but was written when i was on tranquilizers.

a funeral is about going to a funeral for someone who abused you.

mikes hiku is, um, a hiku written by mike.