for a dear friend

do you think you could ever hide
those chains that bind your soul
or that tiny glint of hope inside
that someday you'll be whole

did you think i never noticed
that you don't' look me in the eyes
it must take so much out of you
too keep up that disguise

you think that you're the only one
whose ever held a chain
i too felt alone
when i tried to hide my pain

i had chains just like yours
i guarded them like cold
they hid scares and shielded sores
when they kept the truth untold

from living life in chains
the only wisdom that i've found
is that beauty truth and love remains
when you lay them on the ground

on the ground is where my chains lie
what i thought was gold shows rust
the part of me that refuses to die
has learned to love and trust

to carry chains or let them go
is a choice that you must make
without them there's more room to grow
but there are chances you must take

without your chains to hide you
you may feel naked and alone
but my dearest friend its always true
i'm no further than the phone