this poem is not done yet. i still think its pretty cool tho so here it is.. a rather cheesey (you have been warned) work in progress.

just you and me babes
lets go live at the beach
we'll live off the freshest seafood
and what ever berries we can reach

we'll rub tummies by the water
look up at the night sky
wouldnt need that pot mo more
we'd keep eachother high

we'll find faces in the clouds
we'll try and count the stars
we'll laugh at those sllly bastards
rushing by in fancy cars

after a few more sunburns
my skin might learn to tan
if it gets too cold outside
we'll curl up in the van

and wash up in the ocean
we'll be cold but we'll be clean
enough to hichhike into town
and spange for gasolene

dont stress that much about
what we dont need to survive
if we cant carve out a living
we'll still be happy and alive

in anything we try
we're an unstoppable team
but dont be getting ulcers
as we chase this crazy dream

so try not to get so worried
because most of lifes a game
in a mansion or a cardbord box
whats important's still the same

if we win or if we looze
no matter what we're free
if we can build a little empire
or end up camping by the sea