a funeral

i signed my name in the book
i thought it was only fair
that anyone who'd care to look
would know that i was there

the others were to scared to
i sat alone in the front row
i didn't' cry the whole way through
i just thought that you should know

a tall skinny man in a cheap suit
(i don't think you've ever met him)
reminds us how swell you were
he says "the world will not forget him."

its not right to condemn you
in front of those who grieve and cry
i don't want to make it worse for them
but i will not tell a lie

so i sit silently and stare
i'm surprised that you don't breathe
it really isn't fair
that you were so quick to leave

i never got to slap you
and i never got to yell
you never cared, you never knew
that i grew strong enough to tell

i didn't come here to spit
on your body or new urn
i can't help but admit
how i'd like to watch you burn

i left the chapel last
i didn't mean to slam the door
i make a point not to walk fast
you can't hurt me anymore