Nun the Wizer

Nun the Wizer

A nun walks onto a rural bus route and as often happens gets into a conversation with the driver during the ride. They talk of life and as conversations between adults often do the conversation eventually falls into the gutter.

"I'd really like to give it all a try someday before I die, perhaps even while I'm still young." Confesses the nun.

They drive on for a little while longer. "It would have to be with someone who was not married, because I wouldn't want to commit adultery." The driver assures the nun that he is not married. "I would have to go the back route, they may examine my body after I die and I'd hate for anyone to find out."

The driver pulls over and offers the nun a ride. They get it on and drive a little further. When the nun points out that her stop is soon the driver feels the need to confess that he's married. "Don't worry, its not a sin to you because you didn't know," He says.

The nun asks the driver to stop and gets off the bus. From the curb she says "Don't worry about it. I have a confession too. My name is Marvin and I'm going to a costume party."