Harry's Harem

Harry's Harem

Harry is in an old folks home and has too much time on his hands so he starts going out to the garden every night to watch the sun set. Bertha is also bored and lonely so she starts following him outside. Over many months they talk and become very close.

Eventuality the conversation leads to sex. Harry tells Bertha that he doesn't really miss it but comments that it sure would help him feel like a man if a woman would just hold it now and again. It becomes their ritual over the next few months for Bertha to hold Harry’s manhood while they talk of their grandchildren and compare fiber supplements.

One night Bertha is shocked to see that Harry is not in the garden. She waits but he never comes. Worried, scoots her walker towards the nurses station to ask about Harry. On the way she passes the TV room and finds Harry sitting with Ruth.

As she hobbles closer she notices that Ruth too is helping Harry to feel like a man. Hurt, Bertha cries out "What does she have that I don't??"

Harry answers "Parkinson’s."