My ass is healthy!

Today I went to the Transplant Center for a long-awaited evaluation for a kidney transplant. I was there ALL DAY getting poked, prodded, psyc evaled, social worked, scanned, exrayed, sonogramed, cardiogramed.. you name it. It was tons of fun, let me tell you, whoever you, and by you I mean whoever would be bored enough to read this.

Whenever they did a test I would ask about the results and they always said they'd get back to me or whatever. With the first test it worried me (was there something wrong?) but as the 8 hour testorama proceeded I got more and more used to it.

They saved the best for last, I had to have an anal exam. Did I mention that I really, really want a kidney?

After a bit of feeling around the nurse told me she could not find any pollups, hemoroids, tumors.. (this lady knew alot of things that could be wrong that I can't even remember rigth now..) or anything at all wrong.

Haha! 8 hours of medical testing and now I know.. my ass is healthy!