I found this little blurb on my old laptop, and for lack of anything else to blog about I decided to repost it here. Its ancient history from several moves ago, but worth revisiting I think.

He always had the last word and that last word always seemed to be thank you. I was always a little stunned by it, since I only talked to him about once a month and I smoke too much weed I would usually forget this peculiar habit of his.

Living right down the street from him for 6 months now I haven't seen him have a single guest except a guy who did lawn work for the neighborhood (was probably selling him lawn care services.)

He's a hard worker. He lives in a house all by himself and that's got to be expensive. He works long hours, getting up before I go to bed to do a low paying, menial job.

Today I was smoking lounging on the porch when he walked by on his way to the bus stop. Today he said "I have to go catch my bus, but thank you for acknowledging me."

There is such wonder and beauty in each person. It is so wonderful to see it and find the unique wonderfulness of people around me. A part of his wonderfulness that I saw is that he isn't ashamed to say he wants to be acknowledged. He probably has a lot of time to think and he's realized that is what we all want.