More evidence the election was rigged

More evidence the election was rigged

When I was a tiny little whippersnapper in detention I had to help grade the standardized tests. We'd put big piles of tests in the machine and in less than a second it would score hundreds of answers from hundreds of students. My suspicions of the election stem mainly from an assumption that the vote counting machines work in much the same way, with the machine reading the little bubbles that are filled in.

On CNN.COM I was checking election results. I was curious and concered about several measures so I checked the results and it gave a percentage of votes that are counted and then how many said yeah or nay. I then, of course, checked the presidential election and was quite puzzled by the fact that there were different numbers. The percentage of votes counted for all the measures and all the local races were the same.. but the percent of precincts reporting for the president was strangely higher.

I checked several other states and got the same thing.

I cannot, for the life of me, fathom why this would be, except of course that THE PRESIDENTIAL RESULTS WERE FABRICATED. It doesnt make sence to load the ballots into the machines twice. It doesn't make sence that the voting pricincts with the steal your vote machines would call in thier results for president and the measures in separate calls or data transmissions.

The other issue I'd like to bring up is the long waits at the polls. A friend of mine in PN had to wait 3 HOURS to vote. He lives in a very poor, therefore primarily democratic, part of Pittsburgh. Did this occur in equal proportions, if at all, in rich or primarily republican districts or the rural folks? With corporate media analysts predicting a record setting turnout months ago, why wasn't more done to prepare the polling places for more voters?