comfortbly numb

I've been thinkin' lately.. its not just the beauty and wonder in the world that people are blocking out. Its the ugliness too. I heard in passing on the news that seven more soldiers died.. all from the same base! I cringed at my lack of cringing.

I wonder which we became numb to first, the ugliness or the beauty in the world?

I am doing my best to experience and process both.

On the same walk I typed about in my last entry I also saw, on this lovely residential street, a ugly lot that was entirely paved over and surrounded in an 8 foot high barbed wire fence. I noticed the fence first and for a flash I wondered what was in there.

I chuckled at the thought of someone trying to chop or joyride in the filthy, rusty 80s sedans with a faded logo for a security company on the side.

They could probably make a whole bunch more off that lot if they tore down that hideous barbed wire fence and got rid of the concrete and put up a little park and burrito stand there. And it would make the neighborhood so much nicer, too.

I never put down concrete, ever. I almost didn't buy a house because it had too much concrete in the yard. Its so ugly, and so permanent.