Blog and Misc Writings

I was blogging before blogging was cool! Heres some old (some years, some weeks..) writings, I'll add more in here later. No perticular order.. yet. When I have more entries I'll make catagories like the poetry page.

comfortbly numb is kind of a depressed rant about how desensatized we all are these days.

paparazzi talks about recognizing and appreciating everyday beuty.

thanks is about a shy, kindly man I met years ago

my ass is healthy is about my recent experience with trying to get a kidney transplant.

singing to the choir is about an encounter with a girl on the bus who made me think about my activism and attitude.

This essay covers my concerns about transplants only being available to the rich.

Here I wrote even more evidence that the election was rigged and how to prevent this from happening again.

life and dreams, the heart of the matter tells about an odd thing that happened to me when i was a child that quite possibly shaped the rest of my life. i think its pretty damn cool.

something to believe in is a little ditty i typed up about six months ago describing my beliefs. i type something up like this from time to time when i feel unsure of my values. anywhoo, if anyone cares, this is what makes me tick.

stoned at the beach is a hyper introspective essay written while beachcombing high with a girl who i had a big crush on.

a true fable featuring felines is something i wrote for craigslist rants and raves. a woman had written a kind of silly melodramatic poem for her boyfriend and i told her as nicely as i could how silly she was being. i was origonally just gonna let it compost and expire but i got several emails saying how much people liked it, so with the permission of the origional poster i put it up here, too.