about me

I am a shy, pale, polish tomboy with long scraggily brown hair and expressive blue eyes. I am tall, 5'10, and somewhere in the gray zone between anorexic and fat, leaning more towards the latter. I'm not a supermodel but I do have to wear a mask on Halloween to scare people. I don't do makeup, dresses, or perfume but sometimes use patchouli soap. My socks never match my outfit, quite often they dont even match one another but they almost always have individual compartments for each toe. When I'm feeling girlie I paint my toenails but never my fingernails.

I approach the world with a dry but playful sarcasm and enjoy rawk and alternative music, low budget movies and riding my bike. I adore the beach, and the river, but being a looser without a car, can't go often. I make a mean batch of welfare spaghetti but donít know how to cook anything else, having burned water on previous attempts.

My boyfriend has turned me into quite the gamer and I enjoy Warcraft III and Magic. I've tried, but can't stand tabletop roleplaying but I love Knights of the Dinner Table. I haven't tried World of Warcraft or similar games for the same reason I haven't tried crack. I'm afraid I'd like it too much. I think I liked Buddy Bradley comics too much, good thing there was such a limited supply of them to read.

I just recently quit smoking regular tobacco but have no desire to stop the wacky kind. I can't drink but dont mind people who do in moderation. I can't stand white dope or brown dope.

I am a board certified dork. I have a few bad websites and have written some truly worthless programs in qbasic, but it was fun. I know this card game where you can make any number out of five other numbers. I write melodramatic, dark, monotonous, but rhyming poetry. I have tried to learn the guitar, but I suck. I wrote this song called "I know the g note," but crumpled it up and missed the recycling bin when informed it was a chord. I have since forgotten the g note..er.. chord.

If I won a million dollars I'd still shop at goodwill, I'd just do more of it, and get some really expensive catchup. I don't care if you pump gas, as long as you are independent and donít have to live with the freerents or off of me. I am unmaterialistic but ambitious in my own right. My nurturing tendencies are sometimes overshadowed by my brutal and very assertive honesty. I've brewed up my own very unique and over baked values that keep my karma and sanity intact.

I two cats (one retarded), a kewl tattoo, and a bunch of really weird friends who agree that I am down to earth, mellow, and insane.. Someday, I'd like to throw a baby into the mix but certainly not someday soon (I'm thinking early thirties.) I'm definitely enjoying the slackadasical lifestyle of not having any now.

I'm very happily settled into a committed monogomousity and not looking for anyone new.

I'm fully assimilated into myspace as well. I can be contacted by emailing webmaster@worstsiteever.com or through my myspace page.